Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Epico provides lead generation services by using various techniques and tools to generate the highest quality leads.

What includes your lead generation service?

• Multi-Channel Marketing
• Branded Landing Pages
• Marketing Strategy 
• Marketing & Sales Consulting
• Sales Training & Courses
• Analytics & Reports
• Paid Traffic Advertising
• Marketing Funnels
• Remarketing Campaigns
• Native Advertising
• Video Advertising
• Search Engine Optimization
• Marketing Automation
• Lead Segmentation
• Competitive Intelligence
• Multilingual Copywriting
• Real Estate CRM

Are there any hidden costs?

There are NO hidden costs! There are NO upfront, setup, or ongoing fees. Neither long-term, risky contracts.

Is my company right for this?

If you can confirm both of the following points, we are most likely to be able to increase your real estate income significantly:
1. Your primary target audiences are foreign investors and international buyers.
2. You have a refined sales process and the skills to nurture leads through this process until maturity and closure.

What kind of leads will I get from you?

1. Buyers and investors who decided to buy and just have started their online research.
2. Potential clients of your competitors who are ready to buy and considering different options.
3. Buyers who have not decided, looking for more information and ready to consider more offers.

What is your minimum order?

We run a trial campaign for each project based on 25-30 leads per month, which is a minimum for you to calculate your ROI and the potential long-term value of our services.

Are the leads shared?

None of the leads are shared or sent to multiple clients, and it’s not how our lead generation service works. Each lead supplied is unique to the project that generated it.

How do I order a trial?

1. Once you are ready to run a trial, our campaign manager will send you a short ‘Buyer persona template’ and a questionnaire. We will determine the characteristics of your ideal client for each project and what type of inquiries you would like to receive. Based on that, we will create a strategy to attract this exact audience.
2. Next, you will submit a ‘Lead generation request form,’ which we provide you. The form indicates the monthly/weekly leads cap and the target geolocation (countries you would like to target).

Can I indicate a daily leads cap?

Unfortunately, you can’t. We cannot guarantee to hit the exact number of leads requested on a given day; it mostly depends on the market demand. Therefore the request form is based on a monthly and weekly request.

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