Next-Level Real Estate Digital Marketing

Next-Level Real Estate Digital Marketing

Real Estate Lead Generation

With Payment by Results!

What Are Real Estate Leads and Who Are They For?

Real estate leads are contact details of interested clients who filled out their data in the page’s contact form to receive more detailed information about the project. Epico specializes in generating quality buyer, and investor real estate leads worldwide for developers, brokerages, and real estate professionals.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) Marketing Model

The Internet has become a competitive marketplace. It is critical that you gain a favored position where buyers are searching for new opportunities. Digital marketing doesn’t make it easier; it requires a neat strategy, extensive expertise, innovative technology, and a creative approach.

Nowadays, anyone can put together a marketing campaign and attract a lead from time to time. However, not many have the skills to generate highly qualified real estate investor leads systematically and consistently.

Real estate companies are forced to rely on marketing agencies with long-term contracts and poor performance or hire a team of in-house experts with huge expenses but without desired results.

Epico specializes in foreign investors and real estate markets and provides a performance-based, Lead Generation solution called the Pay-Per-Lead (PPL), connecting real estate professionals with their target audience worldwide.

Game-Changing Marketing Solution

You can’t grow your real estate business if you struggle with lead generation. But now, you have the opportunity to reach more prospects, generate more qualified leads, and win more deals.

“If you have no lead source, you have no future!”

Warren Buffett

What We Offer

Epico Lead Generation Service

High-Quality Leads

Leads generated ONLY from trusted sources. NO databases, NO spam! ONLY relevant leads!

Pay-Per-Lead (PPL)

Pay ONLY for generated leads. NO upfront costs, NO setup, or ongoing fees. Pay only for your leads.

100% Guarantee

We GUARANTEE to provide the leads or REFUND you for any undelivered, irrelevant lead, or incorrect data.

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How It Works

Our advanced techniques allow us to recognize the intention of potential clients and their motivation to buy. This data enables us to find more buyers with the same characteristics, interests, and income levels.

We Study Your Audience

We know where your audience spends their time online, what content they consume, their pain points, challenges, values, and desires. Also, we know how to get their attention and earn their trust.

Hyper-Targeted Investor Leads

We target international investors at the consideration stage of their investment opportunities.

Our highly accurate marketing ensures that your sales team never has to waste time working through cold leads again.

How We Find Your Prospects Online

Customer Profile

We define your target audience by creating a specific “buyer persona.”


We focus on people who already expressed interest in similar offers.


We attract traffic by providing only focused and relevant information.


We find similar audiences that might be interested in the same offer.

Global Trends & Insights

We developed a global perspective on real estate trends. We track and analyze geopolitical, economic, and climate change around the world.

Our campaigns target locations where demand is higher than usual and drive traffic to our lead capturing sites.

AI-Powered Behavioral Targeting

By using AI technologies, we better understand your target audiences’ online behaviors.

We use the data to re-engage audiences that have already shown an interest, based on their interactions with our website, social media ads, or other digital assets.

Our marketing captures only the targeted audience relevant to the offer. This way, we generate much higher quality leads than standard digital marketing methods.

Key Performance Indicators

We use optimization strategies to consistently achieve the highest quality and highest volume of leads possible.

We track and measure specific performance indicators such as conversion rate, cost per lead, and more.

We’re constantly optimizing the system functionality to improve results and increase the return on investment.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Fully Optimized Websites

Our lead generation platforms are optimized for the most popular search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yandex. The sites ranked in the top positions by search engines worldwide for the brand names of our real estate partners.

Lead Generation It’s Not Luck, It’s Science!

Apply the “Pay-for-Performance“ model and take the stress out of marketing! No Contracts! Zero Risk! Forget the underperforming agencies, long-term agreements, and contracts that put all the risk on you. We guarantee to outperform any retained agency in generating high-quality real estate leads at a much lower cost.

Skyrocket Your
Real Estate Company

Our highly optimized lead generation system works around the clock exclusively for you.

Our intelligent data saves you money by focusing on who is more likely to invest.

Our innovative approach allows us to customize and fully automate all your marketing processes.

Our Digital Assets

Entirely at Your Service

We use the best software and tools on the market. We take care of everything, saving you time, money, and energy — totally depriving you of any headaches. Our lead-generating systems are one step ahead of our competitors in reaching real estate motivated investors at scale. Our partners benefit from powerful automation solutions that connect everything online, integrate with the apps you use, and automate all your marketing workflows.

Stop Wasting Time and Throwing Your Money in the Trash


Naama Cohen

Electra Group

”You guys delivered more leads in 4 weeks than we got in 6 months from our contracted company.”

Steven Harper

T&A Attorneys

”Eli supply us high converting leads that increasing our ROI. Highly appreciated and recommended.”

Eric Mirzonian

Mir Realty

”So helpful in creating new opportunities for us. Its pay per lead model is extremely effective.”

Carla Núñez


”Since we started working with Epico, we pay exclusively for generated leads. I wish we knew about this option before.”

Linkedin Recommendations

Lothar Finger P.A.

HT Brokers

”After many attempts and burnt money with agencies, we decided to take a chance with Eli. Since then, we pay only for generated leads. Eli is a true specialist in attracting opportunities for the company. I would recommend Eli to anyone looking for lead or demand generation services for its business.”

Michael Cravath

Stone House Retirement

”Thanks, amigo! Working with Eli has been a fantastic experience. My impression during the process was that he is interested in my success, at least like I do. And the results were really impressive.”

Yevgeniy Segal

Nika Medical Center

”I have worked with Eli on various projects over the past couple of years and use his consulting services to this day. Eli has built a fantastic group of experts around him. They always do their best to add extra value to every project. For us, it's always a pleasure to work with such professionals.”

Keith Staggers

Virucide Solutions Dates

”Eli is very professional and efficient in digital marketing. After our bad experiences with marketing agencies, Eli saved us time and money by generating and managing leads for our company.”

“If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’re doing wrong!”

Elon Musk

Join the New Era of Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Lead Generation

Real Estate
Lead Generation

With Payment by Results!

Who Is This For

This opportunity is not for you if you are looking for a low-impact, cheap, limited solution. There are numerous agencies for social media posting, and we’re not one of these. We’re here to set a new standard of performance in real estate digital marketing.

Contact us if you are a property developer, brokerage owner, real estate broker, or agent, and:
1. Your primary target audiences are foreign investors. 
2. You have an established sales team with an organized sales process.

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